Who we are

TrainSkills applies the methodology of Collaboration and Networking. Our Team is made up of various independent industry experts who are associated with TrainSkills. Although operating autonomously in our own entities we have learnt that by working with each when the need arises we are able to achieve great things. Our Team is constantly expanding, exploring and delivering collaborative training solutions to a national and international customer base.

Our Mission

To provide engaged learning programs and competitive training solutions with focus on our core principle that real transformation begins within.

Our Vision

To become a leader in the training industry that offers bespoke training and learning interventions to inspire and transform learners into high-performance individuals and employees to meet their company’s operational and administrative demands.

Our Values

Our values resonate in our corporate culture based on the “Ubuntu” philosophy that considers the success of the group above that of the individual. The core values that guide us are commitment, excellence, responsibility, integrity and respect for diversity.

TrainSkills Team


Graeme Lategan

Graeme is the managing member at TrainSkills and director at GL Consulting. With a career in excess of 30 years in the public service, he specialises in Management, Leadership and Supervisory Development. He is an accomplished International and National Trainer Facilitator and Learning Navigator presenting training solutions to municipalities, government and educational institutions as well as private organisations. Currently a PhD Student, he holds an MBA, BPP Honours, B Tech and several other qualifications with assessor and moderator status at 14 SETA's including Master HR Generalist with SABPP and international accreditation as a Chartered HR Business Partner.


Keith Donaldson

Keith is the owner of Bay Fire Safety Solutions and leads our compliancy training programs. He is an internationally experienced trainer and instructor with an extensive career in firefighting, health and safety and first aid. His exposure to high-risk incidents makes his contribution to the training industry invaluable. His enthusiastic training manner and hands-on approach ensure that his learners stay motivated and stimulated throughout the duration of his courses.


Mashudu Ndou Ndlovu

Mashudu is the Managing Director of MJV Recruitment & Consulting Agency. Mashudu is also a Director with Velman Construction and is an associate corporate trainer for TrainSkills. Her role in Human Resources for major companies such as GKD Buismet, Bull Brand Foods and Sasol Mining demonstrates her expertise in the private sector, backed by a Bachelor of Commerce Degree - UNISA, Business Management Diploma and SABPP HR Professional Registration.


Vanisha Kara

Vanisha operates an independent consulting company and boasts formidable experience in the hospitality industry. Having studied business administration and computer programming she also has exceptional career experience in sales, technical applications and warehousing. Vanisha has been in the training industry since 2007 as a divisional manager with exposure to project and SETA Landscape management, financial and staff management. She has 10 years experience as a facilitator including being a registered assessor and moderator with 4 SETAS.


Charmaine Lategan

Charmaine is the administrative manager at TrainSkills and director partner at GL Consulting. With her wide general exposure in the automotive parts and service sector she ensures that our demanding administrative issues are running smoothly.


Dr Michelle Renard

Dr Michelle Renard is an Associate to TrainSkills and operates as a Professional Consultant Trainer. Dr Renard holds a PhD in Commerce (Industrial Psychology), MA degree, BA (Honours) degree (Industrial and Organisational Psychology) and BA (Human Resource Management). She has published extensively within accredited national journals and is an accomplished international presenter on various expert research subjects. She serves as an Honorary Lecturer and Dissertation Advisor with the University of Liverpool (Online) and is an Executive Consultant at 21st Century Pay Solutions, a Research Associate at Nelson Mandela University, and textbook author for Edge Learning Media. Michelle is registered with Services SETA and SABPP as a constituent assessor and moderator and holds Master HR Professional registration with SABPP.


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